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  Whether you want to protect and extend the life of your concrete surfaces with a clear sealer to maintain the original look or restore the color to your stamped concrete patio, Midwest Softwash is here to help. We feel strongly that sealing concrete is a tremendous value meant to add years to the life of your surfaces. Sealing your concrete is a preventative maintenance service that should never be dismissed as unnecessary. With the cost of replacement continuing to rise, sealing your concrete is a sure way to keep your concrete looking like new for much longer.

Benefits Of Our Mankato Concrete Sealing Services

  The best time to seal your concrete driveway or patio was yesterday! The next best time is before Winter arrives. Minnesota Winters are extremely harmful to even the toughest surfaces such as concrete. When water seeps into the pores of concrete and then freezes it expands and leads to cracks and spalling (surface chips). Not only does sealing help protect the concrete but it also keeps it clean much longer.

  Sealed concrete is smoother and less porous, making it easier to clean. The added protective barrier prevents liquids, oils and other substances from penetrating into the porous concrete. This barrier makes it more difficult for stains to set in and gives mold and mildew a less hospitable environment to grow. Mold and mildew spores need moisture and a porous surface to grow, and sealers reduce the availability of both. Offering this service in combination with a high level cleaning is what separates Midwest Softwash from other pressure washing companies in Mankato, MN.

  Longevity is completely dependent on the quality of sealer being used and the workmanship of the company performing the service. There are many cheap, low-quality products that will not last long and end up costing you more money to keep reapplying in the long run. Especially with transparent sealers, there are many shortcuts that can be taken, such as under-applying and not sealing to edges, that contractors take as a way to finish jobs more quickly. At Midwest Softwash we believe in only using the highest quality commercial-grade concrete sealers and never take shortcuts to deliver our clients the best possible results. Our sealers will last on average from 2-5 years depending on the amount of traffic and the environment the surface is exposed to daily.

Protect Your Surfaces With Our Professional Concrete Sealing In Mankato MN

  We are glad to hear you understand the importance of sealing your concrete by an expert, like driveways, patios and walkways. You made large investments in these areas and want them to last long into the future. We understand that and will provide the best concrete sealing in Mankato, MN. Our service will optimally protect your investment for years to come. It is hard to think of any low-cost investment worth more than our excellent concrete sealing service.

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Independent WashersEstablished WashersSoftWash Pros Pressure Washing Company in Virginia Beach
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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's Top Rated Stars Rating
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Independent WashersEstablished WashersSoftWash Pros Pressure Washing Company in Virginia Beach
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Military & Law Enforcement Discount
's Top Rated
Stars Rating
Professional Aerial Photos Included For Commercial Clients Upon Request
One Tree Planted for Every Wash
American Flag Program

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Unlike other service companies that make you fill out a contact form and then take a couple of days to call or email you, our team receives your request and reaches out to you right away! We value your time and believe you should not be kept waiting and wondering.

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We know how busy and stressful life can get. That is why we work hard to schedule your cleaning project at a time that’s right for you. We make it easy to schedule pressure washing in Mankato, MN.

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Whether you choose to spend time with family, check other tasks off your To-Do List or just take a well-deserved nap, you can rest assured that Midwest Softwash’s highly trained and friendly staff will be taking care of the dirty work for you. We make sure that our process is well-explained and that all your questions are answered while quoting your project. This way, there is no need for you to be present on the day of your cleaning. However, we would love to see and speak with you. We’re excited to share both before/after photos of your project with you!

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Frequently Asked
Concrete Sealing Questions

  Midwest Softwash is locally owned by two brothers, Nick and Michael Guentzel, who were born and raised in Mankato, MN. They are devoted to providing their customers the highest level of quality, value, professionalism and customer service. We will treat you, your home and property with respect and as if it were our own. We will not rush to complete a job, or cut corners to save time. We provide safe and proven softwash methods, utilize professional-grade equipment, and non-damaging, eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solutions for your exterior building cleaning. All team members are highly trained and specialize in the cleaning of your home or business.

  Concrete sealing requires 24 hours of no foot traffic and 48 hours of no vehicle traffic.

  As long as it does not rain within 2 hours of sealing your concrete, you will get the maximum performance out of our sealer. It is best to consistently check the forecast before sealing. If a surprise rain shower does get the sealer wet before 2 hours, we can perform a simple water drop test the following day to test the performance of the application. If the surface does not pass the water drop test, we are proud to stand behind our work and reseal your surface at no additional charge.

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